Here is the list of regular contributors to The Salty Cee:

John Spencer (aka Not the Bible)

He goes first as he pays for the website costs.  He writes satirical translations of the Bible to open people’s eyes to truth (and maybe a little joy too):

Not the Parables of Jesus, More Not the Parables of Jesus and Not the Parable of the Good Samaritan

You should buy all of them as they’re really good.  Everyone says so.  Well, his mum does and that is pretty much everyone worth mentioning.

He lives in Oxford, England where daily he wonders how his wife still finds the same jokes funny after more than 20 years of marriage.


Not the actual ant-man.

Crass Christian

Always lets you know that he’s the humblest Christian you’ll ever meet.

He recently took a break from Twitter to focus on his prayer life – but made sure he let everyone know how much more holy he was for taking a break before he left.

Furious Christian

Married male seeking platonic weekend friendship. He enjoys 80s mix tapes, Hallmark movies, and long walks on the beach.

Furious is committed to raging about your pet issues on Twitter. He is a worship leader, a theology student, and Bible teacher who is much better at making fun of people than loving them.

He lives with his wife and four kids in central IL where he is certain Winter will someday steal his will to live.

Angry Nursery Worker

Angry Nursery Worker got tired of the kids in the pew behind her kicking her seat and decided “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” (with the emphasis on “beat”) and the rest is history and grainy police mugshots.

She drives a 1986 Buick Skylark, lives alone (since she forgot where she left her husband on a shopping trip in 1992), and drinks “teething serum” by the pint.

She shares tales of her nursery experiences on Twitter with the hashtag #NurseryNightmares.

♖Dr. Parson Peeves™♖

I’m a real parson, with real peeves. I’m not sure why I write anonymously, but I think it has something to do about the mystery of it all . . .  or to keep me from getting fired.

Northworst Seminary

Northworst Seminary is your leader in Non-biblical education.

We are a school that excels in judgmentalism and legalism.

Our motto is “We judge so you don’t have to.”  

Dripping Ether

Called upon to save the day every time a parishioner faints from dehydration during a long, dry sermon.

Author of Christian Skits & Such and other stuff.

Jeff the Comma head

I may be a nobody with a sense of humor, but at least I’m saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ, who I assume also has a sense of humor…if my life is any indication.

The Lonely Rogue

This is Scott. He’s a salty theology grad, and when he’s not asking people if they want fries with their meals, he’s writing parody articles for us or working on his fantasy novel.


I was born and raised on military bases. My teachers began to question my sanity early in life as I began writing weird satire stories about as soon as I was able to hold a crayon. When I was a high schooler I mastered the art of being a party animal and idiot until I converted to Christianity in 2007. At that point I became an idiot with a conscience, which basically means I became a husband and father. I also have several foster kids and my ultimate goal is for them to be just as embarrassed by me as my wife and biological child.

Brian Harvey

Brian spent his entire life wishing someone would give him with a cool nickname. And here, when he had the perfect opportunity to give himself one, he totally missed it. Guess that’s just how it goes for ol’ Harvey the Larvae.

Richie Richards

Very stable genius, Richie Richards, is a graphic novelist, webcomic artist and a reporter struggling to write faker news than CNN.

The Salty Cee: where even the worst satire floats.

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