We’re honoured that you want to submit an article to our little site!

We at the Cee have loved accepting submissions from anyone and everyone as we are a desperate welcoming community.

Sadly, John Spencer (the editor) is retiring the Cee at the end of 2020 so he can spend more time with his family (you can read about this decision here). 

Unfortunately, this means we are unable to take any more submissions whilst he works through the backlog that has built up due to his family circumstances.

BUT, all is not lost!

Our sister site, The Damscus Dropbear, loves Christian satirical articles
and our friends at The Genesius Times love political satire.

So click on their links to submit articles to submit articles to them.

It has been our pleasure serving you with our dose of silly, light-hearted humour for the past two and a half years, and we will endeavour to collect all of the best articles in our books before this website closes down.

The Salty Cee: where even the worst satire floats.

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