Announcement: The final countdown of the Cee begins…


Dear fans, casual readers, and those who just stumbled upon this page by accident,

It has been our pleasure to serve you our unique brand of kind, light-hearted but often silly satire these past 2½ years.

John Spencer and the original team set out to offer something more Christ-like and community focussed than the Babylon Bee, which has sadly become increasingly money-focussed, partisan and mocking in its tone.

Most of the original team moved on after a year (something about being real life pastors and not having the time) but John Spencer kept the light on, with much help from fellow brother-in-Christ Scott Norris.

However, this past year has taken a dreadful toll on John and his family’s mental and physical health and it’s become increasingly difficult for him to give the 2 hours a day to write, review/edit articles and all the other admin tasks, whilst still supporting his family.

There is also a limit to how much news that can be consumed as resource for satire before it starts to affect your soul, and John has spent too much time crying over news this past year whilst trying to think of how he could bring some light-hearted take on it which would bring a little cheer.

Therefore, it is with great sadness that the Cee will stop producing new articles at the end of 2020 and the website will cease to exist by Easter next year.

We have already released two books containing some of our best articles over the first year and we will endeavour to collate the best of the rest and release them on Amazon next year.

We were never in it for the money, but just for the joy of sharing some godly laughter with those who visited our corner of the interweb thingy. We have also been proud to provide a welcoming site to host anyone’s funny article and credit them for their hard work.

Finally, it has been our pleasure to raise more than $250 for charities supporting those in need during this crisis by writing and donating all the profits from The Coronavirus Bible.

John and Scott will still write the occasional satirical article for The Damscus Dropbear, who share the same values as the Cee, and John will continue to write his comedy books on Christianity, cats, and maths. You can follow him on Amazon to get notified of his new releases or sign up to his mailing list here.

Even though we never really gained that many followers, we have held on to Mother Teresa’s words:

“God has not called me to be successful; He has called me to be faithful.”

And so we have worked hard to serve those of you who have stuck with us over the years.

Thank you so much for coming along on our journey, it has been a delight to bring laughter to you and to laugh at the funny comments you write in response to our articles.

Much love in Jesus


UPDATE: We are now in talks with The Damscus Dropbear to merge sites!

And we will be releasing 2 more books covering the remainder of our best articles including many that are unpublished.

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