Atheist denies God but believes in aliens

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Readers of the Salty Cee, I am writing you this letter to inform you of the fact that your faith in God is all wrong. You are being brainwashed and your faith is misguided.
Rather than accepting reality, you people have chosen to believe a lie that God not only exists but loves us and wants to be involved in our lives. Why is it so difficult to admit that this is not so?

Instead of taking other people’s word for it that God is real, I am now asking you to examine empirical data and determine who truly created the world. I am asking you to use logic and reason.

The physical world that we can observe does indicate that we were created by an intelligent designer. This is something that we all can agree on based on the complexities of the galaxies and the vastness of living cells. But, what does the physical universe really tell us about who created the human race?

If you would examine the data of the universe logically, you would draw the same conclusion that I have and that of the vast majority of the scientific community, which is that, we were created by aliens.

Just because you have never seen, touched, or talked to an alien does not mean that they are not real. Just because aliens are superior to us and distant does not mean that they cannot or will not be involved in our lives. Just because aliens created us and have not made contact yet, does not mean they are uncaring.

Faith in the aliens that created us is the only logical conclusion an intelligent person can make that is, if you are willing to accept reality.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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