Marty Sampson: My songs are as shallow as my faith

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Marty Sampson Hillsong worship leader and song writer has confessed the real reason behind the lack of depth in his songs.

“I just don’t have any real faith in this Jesus bloke, but I can write a good love song with the best of them and that’s been the secret to my success.”

Asked why he has turned away from the faith, he responded: “Nobody talks about hard stuff – and by no-one I mean those in my middle-class Western Christian bubble and obviously I’m ignoring all those passages in the Bible which do or the last 1,500 years of theological thought.”

In his now deleted Instagram post he revealed more:

“I mean how many preachers fall? Many. Whereas in the Bible people like Moses, David and Peter never fell.  How many miracles happen in our comfortable version of Christianity? Not many. But no-one talks about the miracles that happen daily for those under persecution and on the front line.

I mean what kind of God requires that we actually go out and tell people about Jesus so that they are rescued from Hell? They should just all go to heaven without repentance that would create such a perfect place.

Christianity is just one version of God – all the other religions where God doesn’t sacrifice himself for mankind and people have to earn their way to heaven by their own works have something to say too.

I know I keep contradicting myself but I’ll ignore that and point out how the Bible is full of contradictions.  I want genuine truth without Jesus.

Unfollow me if you want, I’ve never been about living my life for others, as Jesus will testify.”

Baptists and Reformed Christians, who consider any song written in the last century as suspect, took to Twitter to express their delight over Marty’s announcement. “We always said that these modern ‘worship’ songs were drivel and this just goes to prove that it’s because they were written by people who aren’t Christians!”

However, no Baptists were available for comment over why they only sing a handful of Wesley’s 5000+ hymns. In particular, why they miss out all of his weaker hymns.

Marty Sampson is positive about the future, “Currently there is no-one writing songs for the exvangelical group. This is a great opportunity for me to tap this market and write some angsty songs so I can continue to live in my ‘real’ bubble.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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