Abortion Clinic Worker Fired After Delivering Healthy Baby


The birth of a child is a joyous event for most. But not for Pamela Sneed, whose blessed event turned into a nightmare after she lost her job.

“I worked at ABC Abortions and More for almost 5 years. Our customers loved seeing me at the front desk, welcoming them, punching their loyalty cards, arranging for them to get all kinds of taxpayer benefits. I was really good at my job!”

But that didn’t stop her employer from firing her after they learned Sneed had decided to go ahead with a full term birth.

We spoke with some of Sneed’s regular customers, who were shocked when they learned Sneed had been fired.

“She was always so friendly,” says Suzy Greene. “Twice a year I knew I would get to see Pam and her smiling face.”

When we reached out to the head of ABC Abortions and More, they refused to comment on the firing. They also refused to tell us what the “and More” is.

Given the spate of high profile firings of reporters from the New York Times who didn’t toe the company line, we suspected something similar here.

Our suspicions we confirmed when Linda, an employee of ABC Abortions and more, spoke to us on the condition of anonymity:

“It’s just not professional. You don’t see coca cola employees drinking pepsi, do you?  But she was our friend, so we tried to dissuade her by listing all the problems she would have, how expensive it was. But she was determined to have that baby. We even told her she could use her employee discount, but she didn’t care…”

Sneed is appealing the decision, citing “my body my choice” however legislators say that argument is only valid for certain choices.

Reporter: Rahab Smith

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