So long and thanks for all the laughs

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Well here it is: our last post from the Salty Cee.

It’s exactly three years since Christian comedian and author John Spencer purchased the Babylon Cee domain and created a home for a bunch of us Christians on Twitter to post “funny” articles:

3 years, 70 writers, 777 articles, 107,877 page views, 1,320 social media followers, 98 subscribers and 1 joke later, our editor is looking forward to taking a break.

It’s been our pleasure to offer our readers (most of whom accidentally stumbled upon this site by accident and made a quick exit) a light-hearted, non-partisan community that welcomed writers from across the political and religious spectrum, and credited them for their work.

We were never in it for the money, but just for the joy of inflicting our dodgy humour sharing some godly laughter with those who visited our corner of the interweb thingy.

We’re delighted to let you know that we will be merging with The Damascus Dropbear who are a great up-and-coming Christian satire site based in Australia who share the same values as us.

We’ve already published two “Best of the Salty Cee” books featuring, unsurprisingly, the best of our articles and will in time be releasing two more, including many ones that we didn’t get time to publish.

If you want to buy one, two or ten of them then we wouldn’t say no.

After the success of our charity collaborative book The Coronavirus Bible (which has raised more than £275 for charities helping those in need in the pandemic), John Spencer will be organising another one, called The Clickbait Bible, this year. If you want to be part of this then you can contact him on

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