Guess who board game branded judgemental and intolerant


The once loved guess who board game has been withdrawn from sale after being branded judgemental, intolerant and lacking diversity by today’s Millennial youth.

It’s not the first time the Guess Who game has fallen from favour.  Originally, it was claimed that the lack of women characters was a result the “toxic patriarchy” and the lack characters of African and Caribbean descent was due to the “institutional racism” of toy companies.

In response to these complaints Hasbro updated the game to include more women and ethnic characters. 

However, it seems that for today’s generation that is still not diverse enough. 

“The fact that were only have two genders shows just how intolerant this company is.  It’s time they stood up against the heteronormative toxicity in their toys and include non-cis gendered!” says Jane, an impassioned champion for inclusion.

Others point out that the game has no Asians included. “This is a result of Trump’s trade war against China!” cites one Millennial.

“Also, why are there no women wearing the burka?  This is a clear sign of Islamophobia!”

Hasbro have at least tried to respond to this last criticism by pointing out that this would make the game somewhat more difficult to play, only to be mocked for “making excuses”.

Still others pointed out that folding down people who don’t fit the “narrow-minded” player’s requirements is tantamount to breeding intolerance in children. 

“Where else is it considered acceptable to exclude people for their gender, their looks or their eye-sight?  This is no game but a veiled attempt by right-wing company to perpetuate a culture of exclusion!”

Eventually Brian Goldner, CEO of Hasbro felt that withdrawing the Guess Who game was the best course of action given the outcry.

“We’re disappointed in ourselves for making a game that celebrates intolerance.  We just thought it was fun.”

The CEO and management team have since undertaken extensive training to correct their inherent bias so that they can be as tolerant as the younger generation. 

They’re now planning to release a new generation of games with no winners or losers where no-one can possibly be offended.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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