Churches end racism by hiring only Klingons

Church Life

In an effort to combat racism, all three churches in the great US town of Peever have hired only members of the Klingons a minority species in the universe.

“Racism doesn’t exist in our church,” said Pastor Willy Hedgebetz of Peever First Lutheran, “If we were racist then we would only hire humans.”

“We have expanded our faith to encompass all of God’s creation,” said Pastor Wil Abstain of Peever Second Lutheran, “which is more in line with Martin Luther’s original beliefs.”

“We are weeding out the chaff, just like Christ taught,” said Pastor Skip Kontext of Refuge Church.

The Pastor also pointed out that whether or not the Klingons were actually qualified for their new jobs is “only a minor detail.”

Rest assured that all rejected human applicants have all been referred to Fast Food jobs, so they can learn from Christ’s example of humbly serving.

“I love hearing Pastor Remaul speak,” said woke churchgoer See Uhbuv, “You can really feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit when he reads Paul’s letters in the original Klingon!”

Pastor Willy assured us that hiring only Klingons has changed the hearts and actions of the people within Peever.

No word yet on whether or not these new church employees will carry swords, sing opera, or how they got to Earth in the first place.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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