John MacArthur Golden Ticket Successor Competition

Church Life

Pastor John MacArthur, the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA has been contemplating retirement in recent years.

But, he realizes that he doesn’t have the right person to take over for him when he does choose to retire. He was hoping that God’s man would come through his Shepherd’s Conference or even through his Master’s Seminary.

While watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the other night with his grandchildren, he had an epiphany.

He would put 5 “Golden Tickets” in the John MacArthur Study Bible. Anyone who receives a Golden Ticket will be invited to the next Shepherd’s Conference for a VIP experience.

The 5 lucky recipients will go through a series of tests that Pastor MacArthur has set up.

This competition will include a “Sword Drill,” Reciting all of the tenants of TULIP, and why Christians shouldn’t use a Study Bible.

The winner will be selected to become the next Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church and the President of Master’s Seminary.

Get grabbing those Bibles before some predestined individual gets them before you!

Reporter: Northworst Seminary


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