Missionary in Uganda said he was misheard

Church Life

 A video uploaded to YouTube shows an American man claiming to be a missionary and a Marine Veteran cursing, assaulting and using racial slurs to workers at a hotel in Uganda.

The video showing Jimmy L. Taylor apparently punching and humiliating employees went viral and he was later arrested by the Kampala Police.

However, Mr. Taylor said he was misheard, and the video was not the full story. 

“I was only praying and laying hands on those employees in the manner of Smith Wigglesworth.  I was not striking them but punching out the sickness from Satan.”

“The prayers were spoken in my heavenly prayer language and so I cannot be held responsible for what comes out of my mouth when I’m under the influence of the Holy Ghost.”

Mr. Taylor continued, “I only do what the LORD has commanded me to do. They just misunderstood what God was saying and doing through me.” 

Mr Taylor recently secured a TV show on TBN called, “You hate Jesus, so I hate you.”

Reporter: Northworst Seminary


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