NASCAR: Checkered Flag Inspires Worship

Church Life

“This is such a holy time on the church calendar here in these parts,” said Pastor Bubba Joe Williams of the Victory Lane Baptist Church in Pit Stop, Kentucky.

“Our interpretive dance team has been working real hard to incorporate flag waving into the worship service. And not just any flag, you know like those with multi-colors, crosses, and doves.  We got us a deal on checkered flags and we are using them weekly now during the NASCAR season. It’s just great for songs like Victory in Jesus, There’s a Race for us to Run—Hallelujah, and When I’ve Run the Race before Me. The checkered flag also sets the mood for the altar call.”

When asked if he’s ever received any negative feedback from his church because of the checkered flags, Pastor Bubba Joe responded, “Well, there was that one time at the funeral for Clementine Sawyer. A few family members thought it was very disrespectful. They would have preferred that the Confederate flag was waved during Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling. My only guess is that they were not fans of NASCAR.”

Reporter: Dr Parson Peeves

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