Rich Mullins CD at center of 20 year long custody battle

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Miscommunication runs amok amongst two friends embroiled in 20-year legal battle Redding, CA.

Two men, B. B. Smith and Ben Camden Ramirez have been fighting between themselves for nearly two decades over a Rich Mullins CD Ramirez allegedly took from Smith. Ramirez claims it was a gift whereas Smith stated his intentions were purely to receive the cd back after a specific timeframe, also called borrowing.

Both men are married and the wives have this to say, “These guys have been best friends for 35 years, growing up as neighbors, classmates, and were best men at both weddings. Their kids are currently best friends and we are done with the lawsuit.” There have been talks about reconciliation at many back yard barbecues, family reunions, birthdays and holidays, but, afterward, would continue the conversation via text or social media which always leads back to the original fight.

Mrs. Ramirez claims this is their downfall as they cannot text “themselves out of a wet paper bag”. Mrs. Smith agrees, and believes social media is making it worse. “They get on, typing back and forth, and joke about resolving the lawsuit, then get mad because they don’t know how to joke either.”

The wives have given us (a random Christian satire site) access to some of the texts in question:

Ben – “this lawsuit is stupid, I mean who even sues over a rich Mullins cd!”

B. B. – “right? I mean spending so much money on a lawyer is crazy! Let’s just call it and say I let you borrow it forever”

Ben – “borrowing forever? You totally let me have it. I’ll see you on court”

B. B. – “You mean the tennis court? For our weekly game right? Let’s just drop the case, uncle Joe can’t give me a discount forever.”

Ben – “yeah the tennis game. Wait? Joe has been giving you a discount on legal fees? I don’t get a discount and he’s my uncle!”

Ben – “he likes me more I guess”

B. B. – “deals off, I’ll see you in court!”

Ben – “tennis or, wait I’m confused”

What seemed like a reprieve from the drawn out court case, their pastor met with them recently to discuss the Paul’s call to not sue a fellow Christian. Yet, Smith and Ramirez can not determine the version of the Bible to use for their reconciliation.

So the next court date will most likely be rescheduled for January 25th, 2027.

Reporter: ProtestANT-Man

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