Revealed: the last supper was actually the first supper

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Yes it’s true.  The Last Supper was not actually the last supper that night for the disciples, at least according to one theologian.

Dr Robert Robertson, the originator of this idea, commented, “Everyone knows that the Lord’s supper is just a wafer and a sip of wine or juice.  It’s hardly a supper – more of an aperitif before the church’s pot luck.  Certainly it would hardly sustain the constitution of hardy fishermen like Peter.”

The Last Supper painting by Leonardo Da Vinci has had its fair share of such speculation, mostly as a result of Dan Brown trying to distract people from his lack of writing skills.  Could it be that the arguing depicted in Da Vinci’s painting not about who Jesus said was going to betray him but over the lack of food?

It’s a bold idea – but is it Dan Brown fantasy or is there any actual evidence to back up this claim?

“I believe that the disciples nipped into Kosher-fil-A, a predecessor of God’s preferred chicken restaurant, and ordered a couple of family meals.  It’s the only explanation for why they were so sleepy afterwards in the Garden of Gethsemane.”

Certainly this does fit with our limited experience of that post chicken sleepy bliss.  Though we’re not sure that this is a slam dunk for Dr Robertson. 

However, we are prepared to have our minds changed by becoming test subjects for Dr Robertson if he will provide the family buckets… 

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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