Country music group, Florida Georgia Line to now be known as Central Michigan


Florida Georgia Line announced Friday that they will now go by the name Central Michigan.

They join well-known country music groups Lady Antebellum and the Dixie Chicks in changing their names to reflect the changing political climate in the United States.

Lady Antebellum recently announced that they will now be called simply Lady A, as no-one could spell their name it implies that they want things to be as they were before the civil war.

Similarly, the Dixie Chicks will now be called The Chicks, as Dixie is clearly racist (as it refers to ‘dem pesky Southern states), whereas Chicks is only feminist.

Singer and founding member, Tyler Hubbard is quoted as saying, “It’s just not acceptable in today’s world to be born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line.”

Admitting that the duo has no real ties to Michigan, Hubbard said, “we’ve been through there and it’s really nice.”

Reporter: Brian G Adams (no, not that Bryan Adams – it’s got an i not a y)

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