Dawkins blames health and safety for societal decay


For years Richard Dawkins has proclaimed that society would be better without religion.  However, he has recently realised his error and has begun on a new crusade to rid the world of health and safety.

“We can’t expect evolution to work if we stop the survival of the fittest!” Dawkins explained, “Before, only the strongest and wisest survived but the increasing number of health and safety rules means that stupid people are surviving in increasing numbers.  We are now beginning to reach a critical mass in the quantity of stupid per square mile which is preventing the usual barrier of common sense from prevailing.  This is why we are seeing such a rapid decay in society.”

Dawkins is currently lobbying governments around the world to remove inane warnings such as “This product contains peanuts” on peanut butter jars.

“If someone with peanut allergy hasn’t the brains to figure this out then we need to let nature do what nature does best…”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible


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