Magic: The Gathering Atheist expansion pack now available!


With the Christmas season in full swing, atheist game company Wiltin Badly has unexpectedly stepped into the arena of trading card games.

Over the weekend, the company released the much-anticipated Atheist Expansion Pack for the popular card game Magic: The Gathering, Titled: Atheist: The Imagining (Denialmasters).

The expansion pack includes cards of each of New Atheism’s “four horsemen”: Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins.

Offensive strengths comprise Straw Man, Scream Louder, and “Duh” spells.

Defensive skills include Blind Objection, Confirmation Bias, and Strict Empiricism.

Several other cards are rumored to be in the deck, including Lawrence Krauss, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Bertrand Russell, but the company has not released any details confirming.

“We just want our piece of the Magic: The Gathering card gaming pie,” said PR spokesman Francis Doyman. “If other fantasy creatures like wizards, dragons, and dwarves can feature in card games, atheists can too. We think this could open up a bunch of possibilities for atheist games. We are already in discussions about Operation (Don’t bother edition) and a combo game we are calling ‘Life, Trivial Pursuit’.”

Sources say hundreds of sets have been pre-ordered by Universities across the Country and will be used to teach curriculums in Philosophy, Math, History, English, Social Sciences, Geography, Photography, Graphic Design, Accounting, Business Management, Computer Science, Music Education, Flower Arrangement, and Basket Weaving.

Reporter: Furious Christian

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