Masked ANTIFA demonstrators inspired by Moses


 Another day another ANTIFA demonstration. This time ANTIFA were in DC trying to disrupt “Demand Free Speech” event.

But why do they feel the need to wear masks?

Were they burned by acid or something?

Or are they just terribly comfortable, as Wesley, Dread Pirate Roberts would say?

Our correspondent risked his life by asking the ANTIFA demonstrators the reason.

“It’s like Moses.” came the reply.

Which was confusing, especially as our reporter is a little behind on his Old Testament reading plan.

“Eh?” he responded intelligently.

“You know, Ex 34, he had to cover his face with a veil because he was radiant from spending time in the LORD’s presence.”

“Eh?” repeated our correspondent.

“We ANTIFA members have spent time in the presence of the Great Woke One and our enlightenment is radiating from our faces. It’s too much for mere mortals like you to cope with, hence we cover our faces to stop people being afraid to come near us.”

We at the Cee were delighted to hear of their considerate ways. What a friendly bunch of people they are. We can’t understand why our reporter was afraid to ask.,.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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