Netflix Cuties nominated for best picture under Oscars new diversity rules


Despite the backlash, we at the Cee can confirm that Netflix Cuties has not only met the Oscars new diversity rules but has already been nominated for best picture!

Initially there was outrage over the original Cuties poster used by Netflix (sensitively adapted in our image above) which features pre-pubescent girls in skimpy outfits posing in sexually seductive ways.

Netflix apologised for the “inappropriate artwork” which was not representative of the film which is about Amy, 11, becoming fascinated with a twerking dance crew and exploring her femininity so she can join them and defy her traditional family.

Netflix explained that Cuties was a “Sundance award-winning coming-of-age film which subtley critiques child sexual exploitation by containing increasingly explicit scenes which involve the film sexualising its child actors.”

Various commentators have denounced the “Conservative outrage” against the film saying “the GIFs and clips of Cuties hypersexual dance scenes making the rounds on the internet will help stop child exploitation more than any petition to ban it!”

A spokesperson for the Academy enthused, “Not since ‘Lolita’ have we had a film sensitively explore the woefully under-represented group of Minor Attracted Persons.”

“This film meets the Oscars diversity rules many times over – with a black female director, a black female lead and the story exploring a black female and marketing, publicity and distribution towards the neglected + demographic in LGTBQ+.”

Epstein issued a post-humus statement praising the film for “empowering young girls to use lewd dancing such as dry humping and exposing themselves to attract older men.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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