A new 7 Habits book for church leaders launched!

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New York, NY – An unexpected addition to the ‘7 Habits’ line of self-books has just been launched with considerable affectation by the new publisher, Awsum University Press.

‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Religious Orders’ is an unprecedented guide to success through religious clothing.

Covering everything from the Alb to the Zuchetto, this is the book that coveralls.

Chapters include:

  • A tribute to the Boyz in the Hoodz
  • A Mantle for all seasons
  • Have a Surplice of material
  • I Mitre might not. I don’t know
  • Who Stole my Cassock?
  • Don’t have a Cowl, man
  • Veil of tears
  • Leave the Gown, take the Chasuble
  • Mormon under where?

Claiming that Stephen *J* Covey is still very much alive, the publishers are optimistic of their success for a book about effective religious clothing.

This new publication comes hot on the heels of Lifeway foray into the world of fashion with its range of Biblical clothing.

“We think it will be staggeringly popular in churches, especially ones that are concerned with outward appearance” said editor Brain Fister, “After all, ‘clothes make the man of God’, right?”

Nuns were disappointed to find that there was no word from Awsum University Press on when they could expect their book on 7 Habits.

Reporter: Awsum Preacher

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