Acting lessons to help congregations pretend

Church Life

For too long congregations have struggled with trying to maintain shallow conversation with the welcome team.

For too long congregations have struggled with how to answer “How are you?” or when responding to prayer requests.

For too long honesty has plagued churches.

Well now there is hope!

Let’s Pretend Ministries now offers acting lessons for churches to help their congregations deal with these tricky issues.

CEO Jack Lyer stated, “Originally we offered services for hypocrites to help them cover up that log in their eye so they can appear superior and focus on specks, then we moved into helping pastors look ‘spiritual’ without all that discipline stuff but our latest course is for everyone.”

Our reporter asked Mr Lyer how this course can help ordinary Christians in meetings.

“Well, Jean over there has Stage 4 cancer, Bob there is struggling with porn, Lisa feels like a rubbish mum and Dan is lonely. All of them were struggling with how to hide these very real issues from others, particularly during prayer times. Our course enables them to maintain the pretence that everything is OK rather than having to bare their soul to strangers. This course is particularly helpful for British and Canadian Christians who don’t want to be a burden to others.”

We at the Cee are impressed with how this course will help Christians to maintain the appearance of Christ-likeness without that messy work of honest growth and discipleship.

It’s sure to be a winner with congregations everywhere.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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