Charity offers home for neglected bibles

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A new charity is offering hope to unloved and neglected bibles everywhere.

The charity, Dusty Covers Home for Neglected Bibles, has been collecting bibles from shelves around the world and offering them a shelter away from their abusers, counselling and, if they’re lucky, re-homing with a family that will cherish them.

CEO, Paige Turner, comments on their work, “Many people receive a bible during their baptism but quickly forget about it – especially when a shiny new version comes along.  Sadly we’ve been to homes where some people have 6 or 7 bibles but only spend time with one of them and often precious little time at that.”

Paige wipes a tear from the corner of her eye, “People can be so brutal sometimes and forget that bibles have feelings too.  Extensive counselling with bibles that haven’t been read for months reveals their insecurities as they ask whether it was something that they did wrong and questioning their identity as the true word of God.”

“We manage to re-home a number of the cool looking Bibles but sadly for many like this 80s NIV, we know that they will never find someone who will treasure them.  We do our best to home as many as possible but due to a lack of resources we have to put some of the dog-eared and ripped versions down…to the recycling centre.”

If you want to donate to this worthy cause then please click here.  Remember:

A Bible is for life, not just for baptism.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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