John Hagee releases 2020 apocalypse bingo!

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Are you worried about what could go wrong next in 2020?

Well fear not fine reader!

Everyone’s favourite end time author, John Hagee, has released a special 2020 apocalyptic bingo card!

With John Hagee’s 2020 predictions turning out to be spot on (though to be fair – he had to get it right eventually), this bingo card will help you keep track of the end times.

Simply print it out, place it on your fridge and tick off the events as they occur.  

Complete a row, column or diagonal to win the opportunity to write a new end times book with Mr Hagee.

And if you manage to fill out the whole grid in your lifetime, then shout “APOCALPSE!” and look up for Christ appearing in the clouds.

You’re welcome!

Reporter: John Spencer

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