New Church Encourages Vaping to Mimic Glory Cloud

Church Life

NEW CHURCH ENCOURAGES VAPING A startup church in Hoboken, New Jersey, is encouraging its members and visitors to vape during its Sunday worship service.

Pastor John B. Goode of Revolving Door Fellowship says this practice isn’t necessarily to attract hipsters to its fledgling congregation, but it will likely appeal to many in that camp. “It’s really only a temporary thing,” Goode explained.

“Being a new church, our funds are very limited. We really want to get a state of the art fog machine to simulate the glory of God in our services, preferably one with changing colors and strobe features. Rather than buy a budget model, we decided to wait until we can afford a really nice one. After all, nothing is too good for our God.”

For added effect, Revolving Door will be providing frankincense and myrrh e-juice to it’s vapers.” we want it to be as biblical as possible,” said Goode.

There are a few glitches that need to be worked out, however. The Sunday vaping was initiated, the smoke was so thick one visitor got so caught up in the worship he wandered out the door and over to 1st Baptist Church without realizing where he was. He said he’d be more careful next time.

Reporter: Dr Parson Peeves

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