Old rural pastor discovers Kanye (and tries to be hip)

Church Life

It’s been exactly one year since Kanye West started his Sunday services and two and half months since his “Jesus is King” album dropped.  So the fact that some rural churches have even heard of Kanye is somewhat surprising to say the least.

One such rural pastor leading the charge is Aubrey Billington who describes himself as “a grandfather, looking for a grandfather clause.”

We sat down with him to discuss his game plan for incorporating Kanye into his Sunday service.

“I’m working on some real powerful lines to convince my audience that I’ve always been a fan and saw this coming long before Kanye did. For example, ‘in just ten years, Kanye went from ‘I’ma let you finish’ to ‘God’s not finished with me.’ I just hope I can convince them I didn’t make this up on the fly.”

Aubrey, visibly overwhelmed, has spent most of his week researching the nuances between “Christian rap” and “rappers who are Christian.”

At the time of interview he had an article open on his computer about Lecrae’s recent exodus from white Evangelicalism. “If I’m honest, I’m worried I might just be a little too far ahead of the rest of my congregation. This whole woke Christianity thing is a little progressive for many of the kids who are still listening to DC Talk.”

Unfortunately our interview was cut short as Pastor Billington received a phone call from his podiatrist and had to leave early to get fitted for new orthotics. Let’s keep him and the myriad of pastors who have to preach this Sunday in our prayers.

Reporter: Sean Nolan

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