Megyn Kelly Discovers Why Trump Paints Himself Orange


Megyn Kelly caused controversy on her NBC show on Tuesday when talking about blackface Halloween costumes.

She referenced Luann de Lesseps who dressed as Diana Ross with what appeared to be darker makeup during a premiere of “The Real Housewives of New York” earlier this year and was accused of being racist.

“But what is racist?” Kelly asked. “You truly do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface at Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween.”

“I mean Jesus was white but he didn’t get in trouble for dressing and wearing skin tone so he looked like a Middle Easterner.”

Guest panelist Jacob Soboroff had to point out that Jesus was crucified for his claimed identity.

Megyn Kelly then asked, “But Trump paints himself orange and doesn’t get called a racist or given death threats!”

Jenna Bush Hager retorted, “But there aren’t any orange people in the world who are offended by his cultural appropriation!”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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