Reformed Christians praise God for sending the Coronavirus

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Reformed Christians took to Twitter this week to proclaim God’s sovereignty during this coronavirus:

That’s right, because God is sovereign, everything that happens happens because God wills it to happen and all His ways are perfect (2 Sam 22:31).

I know this makes Him sound just like Allah – but the difference is that the Christian God is love.  He’s not capricious, for He lovingly created this evil virus to slay many to ensure that Christians become more like Jesus.  Such dedication.

Yes I know that Jesus healed the sick, but when we say become more like Jesus we don’t mean that part, for He only healed the sick to show that He was God.  This virus is ordained by God so to pray against it or to pray for someone’s healing is to oppose God’s will.

So do you know someone who is dying from Coronavirus?  Don’t be sad about it but rejoice that their suffering is helping you become a better person. 

Maybe telling them about that would encourage them too, particularly if they’re an atheist.

So on this Good Friday, when we remember Christ who bore our infirmities to bring us healing (but obviously not physical healing) be encouraged that this time of darkness is sent from God.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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