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We at the Salty Cee were shocked to discover that the Babylon Bee (they who gave us a cease and desist order) is offering a paid subscription service for their readers to avoid all the clickbait ads that they put on the site when Seth became CEO.

We were shocked that readers would choose to pay a site for their content, when we have been paying people to follow us and read our articles.

So we at the Cee decided we would jump on this bandwagon and offer a subscription service.

However, we won’t promise to unlock some cool new features such as promising to read article submissions – as we’re desperate and use anything sent to us…

We also won’t give you a sob-story of how we’re losing money and the tech giants are blocking our content (users already do that) nor how employ writers, editors and all that. Heck – we’re all volunteers that do it for the love of making people laugh rather than cold hard cash. 

No we promise to use your cash so you can get on with your life rather than read these articles hoping that we eventually write something funny (we’ll also use it to show our wives that somebody gives us money for our jokes – though we’ll omit the part about you paying us to stop telling them *ahem*).




Basic subscribers enjoy a cleaner experience on our site as all our content will be blocked and you’ll only see blank pages.

  Blank webpages



Enjoy blank pages plus we will ensure that our posts are muted from your social media feeds and google searches. We will be hidden in the ether.

  Blank webpages

  Blank searches



Show your loathing for the Cee with a custom pledge and get all the benefits of premium membership plus pyschotherapy to forget you ever read our articles..

  Blank webpages

  Blank searches

  Blank memory

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