Christian satirical news website seeks new name after cease and desist order


The Babylon Cee, your trusted #2 source for Christian news satire, has to seek a new name after The Babylon Bee, your trusted #1 source for Christian news satire, issued a cease and desist order.

The irony of a satirical website objecting to being satirised was something we would have laughed at had their lawyers not given us that evil stare.

So the Cee is seeking a new name to prevent John Spencer (aka Not the Bible) from being unable to look after his disabled wife due to legal fees.  (PS We thought that heart-breaking true fact would garner great sympathy from our readers and form a public outcry from all 3 of them).

Initially we were tempted by the name “The Babylon Dee” but rumour has it that The Babylon Bee’s lawyers would also take a dim view of this.

We continued through the alphabet up to “The Babylon Zee” rejecting each due to that evil stare that we mentioned before.

So branching out we considered:

  • The Humble Bumble
  • The Egyptian Elephant
  • The Persian Parrot
  • The Nazareth Narwhal
  • The Chaldean Cricket
  • Lion and Lampoon
  • The Satirical Squirrel

The last being rejected due to the poor quality of spelling leading people to other less salubrious websites. *ahem*

However, we soon realised that we needed help from you our humble readers (all 3 of you) to support us out in our time of need.

So please give us your best suggestions by commenting on our social media posts of this article – and do it quickly before dem lawyers put us away in the clink for good…

And given how good looking we all are – you don’t want what could happen to us there on your conscience…

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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