Sioux Natives transformed by 2 week mission trip to them

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East Todd, SD – Members of the Sioux Native American tribe felt a need to express their gratitude at those who graced them with their presence during a two-week missionary trip. Members of the tribe stated that they have never been blessed like this before.

“Our problems remain,” said an elder member of the tribe Michael Biyen, “However, after the teens spent two weeks living in their own tents with all their devices and eating more food than we see in 2 months, we have truly grown spiritually!”

When the teens weren’t staring at their phones they inundated with questions in English (as none of them knew the Lakhota language) on whether the tribe were saved.

“I am so blessed to have my salvation questioned by these youngsters,” said Jane Angpetu, “It’s important to think about these things when you never know where your next meal is coming from. And no one has ever called me and my people ‘good soil’, after all.”

Aside from preaching at the Sioux, the youth group also prayed for them.

“I thought they might ask us what it was they could pray for, as we have some urgent needs, but we are trusting that they knew what was more important for us.”

The missionaries also repaired a church roof during their two-week trip.

“The roof is still leaking but, we are grateful for the help. The fact that it’s worse reminds us of how our own efforts of salvation ultimately are doomed,” said Thomas Chumani, “It has also inspired me to hire professional Sioux workers to complete the repairs.”

The youth group plans to follow up with the same people they ministered to in one year from now with an entirely new group of teens.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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