Afternoon Soap Operas replaced by Trump-Pelosi feud


Washington DC- There was a time in recent memory when Soap operas filled the airwaves of afternoon television. The consistent yet predictable nature of these television dramas graced our living rooms for decades.

The dramatic stories of betrayal, revenge and romance kept our attention; the set of characters and their oppositional personalities purposefully pitted against one another in a battle of wits.

The character development and the consistent trials of circumstance that surrounded them consumed our time, energy and attention, well after the show had ended, leaving us on the edge of anticipation for the next day’s show.

However, the increasing impatience of the population has meant that people would rather binge-watch a whole series on Netflix than wait for an episode a week.

Having seen the downward trend for afternoon soap operas, television news entertainment networks such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox have generated a new genre of Soap Operas: “Soapolitics”.

Yes, soapolitics have surged in popularity in recent years and was typically a category reserved only for CSPAN. America’s consumption for this type of entertainment has taken precedence in our morning shows, afternoon dramas, local news, national news and even late night comedy.

Today’s episode between President Trump and Emmy nominated Nancy Pelosi did not disappoint! For the small minority of viewers who have not caught up with this season, please be aware Spoiler Alert!

On October 17th, the Trump administration invited congressional leaders to discuss the recent developments unfolding in the middle-east. It did not take long before tension began to run high between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi. After an exchange of insults, it was reported that Trump began to call Nancy Pelosi (whose pronouns are her/hers) a “3rd rate politician”.

It was reported at that point that Nancy stood up out of her chair, pointed vigorously at President Trump and began lecturing him on his “mansplaining” of the events. After the long-winded lecture, turned around and said: “I can’t even right now!”

The episode ended abruptly leaving most Americans in hot anticipation for what is to follow. All entertainment news networks promised a satisfying conclusion to this event in the coming week.

Today’s episode has further solidified network executives’ confidence in the soapolitics timeslots, and will continue to fund these ventures now and into the foreseeable future.

Reporter: Tuthmosis

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