SOTU: Nancy Pelosi nominated for Emmy


Following the release of the SOTU 2019, State of Trumps Union Address, the Television Academy touted the Democrat Congresswomen as frontrunners to land several Emmy awards. Clad in all-white as a show of solidarity against uterine immigrants, the Lady-killers were certainly something to behold. 

Below is a list of expected nominations:

Supporting Actress in a Minority Role: Elizabeth Warren – for her portrayal as a Native American Woman in “Not Really”

Best Fake Outrage Performance: Kamala Harris – for her role in “Pouting with Crossed-Arms”

Best Performance in a Political Drama: Nancy Pelosi – for her role as Disinterested Speaker of the House in “Shuffling Papers”.  Already her condescending clap has gone viral, such was the impact on viewers.

Best Performance in a Political Comedy: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – for her role as Glazed-over Girl in “Refusal to Applaud Deeds of Basic Human Kindness”. 

To be sure, several shows are yet to release this year, but as of right now, the SOTU has set a high bar for the acting community.

For example, their ability to act outraged at the thought of a liberal idea they support simply because it was proposed by Trump was second to none.  We at the Cee are excited to see what the next season of Political Gamesmanship brings.

Reporter: Furious Christian

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