BREAKING NEWS: CNN opinion change over Trump


After in-depth analyses of interviews, press conferences, meeting briefs, official pronouncements, numerous reports from both liberal and conservative sources, and Twitter tweets of , CNN apparently has had a change of heart in reporting on President Donald Trump.

To the surprise of those on the political left and on the political right, CNN has come out with a lengthy report showing President Donald Trump is, in actuality, the most honest and trustworthy President since Grover Cleveland.

“We had it all wrong, concerning the President,” said Chris Cuomo. CNN anchor of Cuomo Prime Time. “We were all stunned by the findings. To be sure, other media outlets will soon follow suit with similar findings.”

The report concludes: “Trump the businessman, Trump the family man, Trump the reality TV star, Trump the presidential candidate, and finally Trump the 45th President of the United States, he’s as honest as an Anchorage June day is long.”

Quite a shocking statement coming from one of the President’s most critical media foes.

The President, immediately upon hearing there was a new report just out from CNN, parroted the statement he has made on innumerable occasions concerning CNN:


Reporter: Dr Parson Peeves

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