Dodgers ready to keep tradition of blowing it in the MLB playoffs


Immediately following the 5th game of the World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers released a statement on their twitter account to assure their fans that they are still ready to keep with their baseball tradition of blowing it in the playoffs.

“We don’t really want to win,” said manager of the Dodgers Dave Roberts, “We know our place in sports society.”

The announcement by the Dodgers was given in response to the team accidentally winning their game against the Tampa Bay Rays; bringing them to just one game away from winning their first World Series title since 1988.

“I’m so disappointed in my performance yesterday,” said Catcher Will Smith, “after all, I’m paid millions to make the other team’s look good!”

The official Los Angeles Dodgers team motto is “Once was enough,”  but fans are really starting to get worried after their 3-2 lead over the Rays.

“They’ve just gotta blow it!” said salty Dodgers fan Scut Morris, “by sports fandom, you can abandon a team if they go 40 years without winning a championship and I’ve only got 8 more years to go!”

Because there is no reason to keep the team’s intentions a secret, the Dodgers will be changing the team name to one of the following next season:

  1. Los Angeles Red Shirts
  2. L.A. Butter Fingers
  3. Choke Artists
  4. Defeatists
  5. The Distracted Team
  6. The Weak-Willed Wimps
  7. Beach Bums
  8. Men of Questionable Talent
  9. Slackers
  10. Glorified Minor Leaguers
  11. The Epic Fails
  12. We Don’t Deserve Your Loyalty

Rumors circulate that the Tampa Bay Rays are already practising for their award ceremony. 

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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