Local residents help visiting George Floyd rioters by burning their cars


The death of George Floyd in the custody of four Minneapolis police officers was the spark that has led to unrest across American cities.

With all news agencies focussing on the scenes of rioting and looting, we at the Cee like to report on the good that’s coming out of the local communities at this time.

Minneapolis residents had begun to notice visiting masked protesters parking their cars on their street before going to riot and loot in the nearby mall.

“We wanted to give something back to all these visiting protesters,” said local resident Lloyd, “it seemed so unfair that they have travelled so far to help destroy our city and no-one was returning the favour.”

“As a community we decided that we would stand in solidarity with them by looting and burning their cars.”

The visiting George Floyd rioters were so touched by the local Minneapolis residents’ kindness that they were in tears.

“It was just this beautiful moment where they truly experienced solidarity with us,said Lloyd, “It was such a shame that it ended when their moms came to pick them up.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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