Man Who Finds Wife through Traditional Means Shunned on Social Media


Before the inception of social media, dating sites, and ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (formerly known as The Spinster), times were more primitive and people met in real life without all the extra media baggage and hype.

While many of us know what that is like, Jerry Shawl caused a social media firestorm that landed him on the blocked list for charges of “spreading propaganda.”

When our correspondent interviewed Jerry (via email, ironically), she asked him what platform he met his wife on because she too was in disbelief that he would have met her any other way than eHarmony,, or Christian Mingle. His response will blow you away…

Jerry responded in calm key strokes, “I met my wife when I was in youth group and we ended up dating and eventually getting married in an actual church.”  (yes, you read that right).

This is almost unheard of today, but after some pretty sloppy investigating (OK, the top article on a trigger free Google search), we have come to the conclusion that there is hope beyond reality television match-making and social media dating.

Thankfully, Jerry was able to purchase some software from the social media giant that blocked him, and as a result of the exorbitant amount he paid for it, they reinstated his right to post on their platform—although he was warned never to spread rumors that there is an alternative to online hookups.

Jerry and Amanda have been happily married and sending heart emojis for almost six months now, so with that kind of streak, we feel that old fashioned match-making still has what it takes.

Reporter: Angry Nursery Worker

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