Man still waiting for Avengers Endgame post-credit scene after 24 hours


Jim Barrett is a die-hard Marvel fan who sees all their movies on their release date, and has had to purchase additional storage space to store his fandom purchases. 

His dedication has meant he has seen every Marvel movie post-credit scene whilst others, who were clearly not true fans, left “early”.

“You see they always do a scene at the end to reward their most loyal devotees,” explains Jim, “it’s like a litmus test that is passed only by those who are prepared to sacrifice sitting through 5 minutes of credits.”

However, things have taken an interesting twist with the release of The Avengers Endgame movie which closes out Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stan Lee, who was recently granted sainthood by the pope, also performed his last ever cameo in this movie.

Jim saw it on the opening night and has been there ever since.

“Seeing as this was a major conclusion, many of us in the cinema held on to after the longest set of credits ever.  When the screen went blank some assumed that there was no post-credit scene and left but not me.”

Jim glued himself to the seat to resist the efforts of the cinema staff and later the police from removing him.

“There is going to be a post-credits scene!” he yells bleary-eyed,“I’m not going ’til it comes on!”

Jim’s devotion has brought him to the attention of Marvel Studios who have tweeted in response that there is no Avengers Endgame post-credit scene.

“They’re trying to test my devotion like when as a kid you played ‘sleeping lions’ and they say the game’s over to get you to move – well I’m not so easily tricked!”

Jim says he doesn’t regret his choices, except perhaps for drinking that giant diet cola last night.  It remains to be seen whether his bladder will prove to be his Achilles’ heel but one thing is for certain – even if Marvel hasn’t made a post-credit scene – Jim has.

Though we suspect it won’t be added to the canon.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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