Pennsylvania replaces “Welcome” signs with something more honest…


Since the beginning of automobile travel in the early 20th Century, the second state (commonwealth) known to natives and residents simply as “PA” has greeted visitors with the slogan “Welcome to Pennsylvania.”

Well, all this is about to change ever since that welcome hasn’t been too friendly due to unprecedented road work.

Instead of leading people on, giving them the impression that the Keystone State will be a pleasant visit, Governor Tom Wolf has decided to replace them with something more honest.  Currently it’s a difficult choice between “Welcome to Pennsylvania – living life in the slow lane”,  “The road to hell is paved with construction works” and the pithy “I’d turn back if I were you.”

The new state signs are slated to hit the highways as soon as construction season is in full-swing—which actually means that they are late—so, as soon as they are done being manufactured, you can bet your tax dollars, they will be visible!

There is much anticipation that PA may become the “state with the most accurate sign”, as Florida, the Sunshine State, has repeatedly let down its vacationers with the daily rain shower; New Jersey, the Garden State, has very few gardens left, due to overcrowding; and New Hampshire, which boasts “Live Free or Die”, has become so expensive that people are just opting to die (it’s cheaper).

Look for the new Pennsylvania signs any day now, but more importantly, keep your foot on the brakes, because there is a ton of roadwork to keep in step with all the new signs.

Reporter: Angry Nursery Worker

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