Snopes fact-checking site on Snopes launched


A new fact checking website,, has emerged in order to effectively fight fake news on the fact checking website Snopes.

“A lot of people have posed the question, who runs the snopes on snopes,” said CEO B. Lyin, “so, my team and I will do just that! Fake news will soon be a thing of the past!”

Shortly after launching, cries of bias rang out seeing as Dopes is secular and could not effectively fight against religiously based fake news.

True to form, when a problem arises that will harm the influence of Christians and the Gospel of Christ, thousands of Christians wrote their lawmakers and demanded equal fact checking.

In response to this righteous campaign the U.S. and U.K. government launched the Christian based fact checking site

Aside from religious fake news, also plans to fact check In other words, Popes will run the Snopes on Dopes who are also running the Snopes on Snopes.

An unpaid Salty Cee intern proposed having us check’s posts to check for accuracy. Cee’s leaders agreed to this idea and henceforth will run the Snopes on Popes while they run the Snopes on Dopes. Said intern was immediately compensated via a half-empty can of diet soda.

The Salty Cee will be extremely busy fighting against fake news, seeing as not everyone can run the Snopes on Popes who are running the Snopes on Dopes who is also, running the Snopes on Snopes.

We are not dismayed however, as we are more than happy to pass on this huge amount of work onto our unpaid interns!

We tell them it’s all part of the fellowship of the sufferings of Christ that will build their character.

If you need to know if something posted online is real or fake news, aside from using logic or discernment, you could simply email us (or more accurately email our interns – but we’re more than happy to take the credit to protect them from pride).

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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