World Cup 2018: Abba to reform if England play France in the final


World Cup 2018: If England beat Croatia in their semi-final match today then they will play France in the final.

This England vs France showdown has not seen since 1815 when Napoleon Bonaparte was finally defeated by British-led Allied army under the command of Duke of Wellington in the epic battle of Waterloo.  The Duke was the epitome of the “stiff upper lip” long before botox was even a thing.

In celebration, Abba have agreed to reform and play their epic 1974 Eurovision song contest winner “Waterloo” in honour of England reaching the final before the next Halley’s comet.

Also Queen Elizabeth II has agreed that should England win, Waterloo will replace God Save the Queen as the British National Anthem.  She would be the first monarch to ever see England win something twice in their lifetime.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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