Ancient carving details 2nd Adam and Eve argument also over food

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An ancient stone carving has been found in Iraq, revealing yet another argument between Adam and Eve over food.

Three goats accidentally tripped a land mine in Iraq earlier today which caused the ground to give way and open up a crater, revealing a hidden cave full of ancient items. The minor explosion and subsequent lunch that followed caused U.S. soldiers to report the find immediately to their commanders, who then immediately sent these items over to the Smithsonian.

The cave appears to have been the habitation of Adam and Eve and contained:

  • The suit and tie that Adam wore (proof of Genesis 3:21)
  • a lute and fog machine used for praising God
  • a brontosaurus riding saddle
  • a stone carved documentation of Adam’s lament.

The ancient carving read:

“Eve said she did not care what we eat for dinner, so I recommended some different fruits and vegetables. After the twelfth suggestion, I gave up.”

The carving was written in ancient Hebrew, Persian, Greek, Spanish, Mandarin, and English. Adam also added a pictorial carving of himself applying his palm to his face.

Scholars have agreed that Adam’s bro code was strong and he wanted future husbands to endure the constant battle over what to eat for dinner.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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