Bible Translators: Carpet Color Is Crucial

Church Life

A group of multinational Bible translators recently discovered a fragment of a biblical manuscript that may shed new light on an age old point of theological contention: carpet color.

The controversy surrounds a single Greek phrase in the book of 1 Timothy: [χρώμα χαί], which has long been understood to mean “healthy color” as an indication of physical heath.

One simple Greek character is turning this classic interpretation on its head. The manuscript includes the character λ in the word χαί (well/healthy), transforming it to χαλί (carpet). This revelation means that a part of Paul’s instruction to Timothy may indeed have emphasized color, weave, and pile choices of the early church.

For this reason, this small fragment of Mark is being touted by theologians and decorating committees as the “Berber Codex”.

Pastors take heed. Those three-hour meeting about carpet color may indeed have great eternal consequence after all.

Reporter: Furious Christian

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