Christians use POLKAs to carry out the Great Commission!

Church Life

A Midwestern church has taken Paul’s command to heart. Pastor Noah Miller of First Evangelical Free Pentecostal Baptist Church in Grand Marais, Minnesota  says:

“In 2 Corinthians 5:20, Paul tells us that we are Christ’s ambassadors. Dontcha know? And so I made the POLKA acronym to help my congregation get to it:

P = Plethora
O = Opportunities
L = Loving
K = Kingdom
A = Ambassadors

So there’ll be opportunities in the coming weeks for we, the Ambassadors, to practice the POLKA and display our Father’s love in both words and deeds.”

I mean, who could resist someone ‘loving their neighbor as themselves’ while Roll Out The Barrel plays on an accordion in the background?

The world needs more Polkas!

Reports indicate that 50 people have already made commitments for Christ, if only to stop the accordion from playing.

Reporters: Tom & Peg

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