Church of Sweden inclusivity widened to Satan

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In a bid to become more ever more inclusive of all, regardless of their beliefs, the Church of Sweden confirmed today that Satan was now welcome and would no longer be referred to as the anti-Christ.

Spokesperson Sofija Pedersen Videke said, “All the passages that refer to Satan as accuser, liar and evil are simply the result of a Jewish society that was influenced by out-dated folklore.”

She went on, “The Bible describes Satan as an angel of light and, as we know, God is light – therefore God is sure to include other beings of light which reflect the Creator’s nature.”

“Hell is simply a metaphor for the suffering that we experience in our hearts when we are intolerant of other people – and so the pit of sulphur referred to in Revelation simply represents the heartache Satan has experienced from being resisted, cast out and fought against by ignorant Christians throughout the ages.”

Archbishop Antje Jackelén told Sweden’s TT news agency the change was a long time coming, having been first discussed in the wilderness after Jesus’ baptism. 

Reporter: John Spencer (aka Not the Bible)

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