Church Shocked to Discover Youth Pastor Makes 1 Year Anniversary

Church Life

Parishioners at Heart’s Hope Baptist Church in Ames, Iowa were startled to learn this week that their new Youth Pastor, Joey Powers, just passed his one year staff anniversary.

“I couldn’t believe it. How could we let this happen?” asked Cindy Harris, a regular attendee. “Isn’t anyone on staff responsible for watching these things?”

Associate Pastor Jeff McDonald admitted his part in the travesty. “As the Youth Pastor’s immediate supervisor, I should have been paying more attention to the passage of time. After six to eight months, I should have realized it was time to terminate him. I’m sorry, the fault is all mine.”

Head Pastor Bob Ashton was clearly shaken and confused by the circumstances. “I’ve never had to give a Youth Pastor an annual eval, before. What do I say? How do I rate his job performance? Am I supposed to give him a raise?”

According to Pastor Jeff, the failure to terminate was most likely due to a lack of parental complaints. “In all honesty, not one parent of a teenager has uttered a single complaint about Joey and he just kinda fell off my radar. Apparently, the students and parents had no issues with his dress, demeanor, attitude or theology. I mean, how did he do that?”

According to at least one Deacon who wished to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak on the record, the church is considering keeping Mr. Powers on staff until they figure out what to do.

Reporter: Jeff the Comma Head

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