Creflo Dollar Sues U.S. Government over Currency Naming Rights

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GEORGIA native and thriving televangelist Creflo Dollar has been engulfed in yet another legal dispute, this time of his own initiation. Dollar (not the bill, but the person) claims that the Federal Reserve Bank as well as the United States Treasury is guilty of defamation of character through the decreasing value of the dollar bill.

He also claims that since “Washington is pictured on most dollar bills, it is offensive due to the District of Columbia having ‘Washington’ before its name, and everyone knows that Congress works in the district and they offend many folks through their unethical behavior.”

It is uncertain for how much money Reverend Dollar would sue the government, but it has been speculated that should he win the case, he will demand to be paid in one-dollar bills.

Our experts believe that the root of all this goes much deeper. “At the core,” states reporter Frank Lee Poor, “is the fact that Creflo claims he was born with the name, whereas the United States introduced the term ‘dollar’ without giving any credit, financially or in name recognition, to his ancestors.”

Mr. Dollar was unavailable for comment but the court case Dollar vs. Bill is sure to garner national attention.

Reporting by Angry Nursery Worker

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