Former High School Athlete Hopes Pro Scouts Attend Church Softball Game

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Albion, Illinois – It’s that time of year again! The time when area churches converge upon the local baseball diamonds and prepare for a great time of fun, physical exercise, and fellowship. Well, for everyone except Gary Kuntz of Albion, Illinois.

Gary, the former backup quarterback for the Olney High School Football team, began attending the First Christian church after being, in his words, “heavily recruited” by his friend, Terry Smith.

Mr. Smith stated he’s been asking Gary to attend church for months, “I’d been praying for Gary for months, trying to share the Gospel in every way, sometimes even using words, but when he found out we were playing in the local church league softball tournament again this year, well, he was at church that following Sunday!”

Gary declined to comment on his impression of the worship service, nor the preaching, stating, “All I could think about was that sign up sheet in the foyer, and how I knew this was my one true shot at making it to the show!”

The following Friday night, as a handful of locals made their way to the bleachers, Gary Kuntz chose to “warm up his throwing arm” with 17 year old Freddie Gray, himself an athlete and starting shortstop for the Albion Lions high school baseball team. “I don’t know what this guy’s deal is,” Gray said between warmup tosses, “I think he’s throwing as hard as he can at me, but it’s like playing catch with my sister.”

After almost a full hour of warm up throws, delaying the game by almost fifteen minutes, Gary Kuntz was finally ready, and then changed into a new pair of Nike baseball cleats he had just purchased after work that day.

Gary will be playing Catcher for First Christian. Said Coach Bill Dalton, “We’re lucky to have someone who’s willing to show up, have fun, and well, frankly we almost didn’t have enough people to have a team this year, so it’s a good thing Gary’s here.”

Update: Gary failed to reach base once, and committed one throwing error from behind home plate, stating he just hadn’t broke in his glove enough. Luckily, no pro baseball scouts were in attendance.

Reporter:Crass Christian

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