U2 Sues The Evangelical Church for 20 Years of Copyright Infringement

Church Life

 In a move many felt was long overdue, the Irish rockersU2  are now pursuing legal action against the entire Evangelical Church for, “totally ripping off [their] whole vibe.” The lawsuit names tens of thousands of songwriters, worship leaders, and lead guitarists from across North America, Europe, and that part of Australia with Hillsong.

The Salty Cee was given the incredible honor to sit down with the band – Bono, The Edge, and two other guys:

“It’s not a decision we came to lightly,” offered Bono, “but watch what it does to The Edge when I play guitar parts from any worship album of the early-90’s until now…”

As he hit play and the familiar sound of 2-note chords slathered in digital delay rang out, The Edge pulled his beanie over his whole face and began to rock back and forth.

Bono continued, “All we’re asking for is a red guitar, three chords, the truth, and full compensation for each and every royalty owed to our sound.”

We asked Toby Gunderson, local worship leader and skinny jean wearer, for his reaction to the news. “I get it – I just never thought they’d actually do it. Thankfully, since it’s Christian music – even if they’re awarded the full settlement, it’s really not much money.”

Reporter: Brian Harvey

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