Holy Spirit requests meeting with pastor

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 Trenton, New Jersey-Today, the Holy Spirit humbly requested a meeting with a church pastor.

The third member of the Trinity has been attempting to get the attention of the leadership team at Second Coast Church for the last three months. However, due to scheduling issues it will be at least another month before they can squeeze him in.

“Unfortunately, we are extremely busy,” said Senior Pastor B.Z. Beever, “as we are in the middle of a building project, planning our next harvest party near Halloween, feeding the homeless, deciding whether or not to hire another worship leader, and translating ‘you’re fired’ into Christianese for our soon to be former youth pastor. Trying to fit God into the mix is proving to be more difficult that we expected.”

We were worried by how stressed the pastor was and asked if he had prayed for help, to which he replied that he didn’t have time to stop for prayer as busy as he is. Sadly our interview was then cut short.

So we tried to talk further with the Deacons and Elders of Second Coast Church but we failed to get a response via email, phone call, telegram. Eventually, the use of an axe on the office door led to the Guest Service Coordinator giving us a precious 45 seconds of her time as she was busy trying to schedule volunteers for the upcoming services.

Before we were shooed out of the office we asked if the coordinator had considered trusting the Holy Spirit to provide the right volunteers this Sunday.  We’re not sure whether that patronizing look she gave us meant that she or would not.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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