Inappropriate Sunday school ‘theological’ movies

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Are you having trouble planning activities for your Sunday school?

Are you out of ideas and having to resort to merely playing a movie like any highly qualified substitute teacher would do?

Thankfully, the global Sunday school committee has released this handy guide of the best movies to show before every church service which don’t feature talking vegetables and are therefore sure to appeal to today’s modern youngster:

  • The Land Before Time – a detailed explanation of what life was like before Adam and Eve ate the apple. What could be more relevant than that?!
  • Euro Trip – A group of high schoolers spend two weeks trying to evangelize eastern Europe.
  • Creed – Denominations get together and finalize some obscure chants.
  • Deep Impact – A pastor enthusiastically announces a church building project.
  • The Sound of Music – A kind but tone-deaf woman auditions for the church choir and no one tells her that she’s a terrible singer.
  • Apocalypse Now – Politicians inform us that the world will end unless we vote their way, alternatively YouTube has just gone down.
  • The Silence of the Lambs – How not to be one of those goats Christ mentioned!
  • Misery – What it’s like to attend a church that isn’t your denomination.
  • The Graduate – An honest story on the difficulties of finding work after finishing university with a theological degree.
  • Fight Club – A church board continues to disagree on what color carpets to put in the foyer.

Should watching one of these movies not go well, why not consider taking your Sunday school to see the movie Unplanned?  That’ll be sure to be both age appropriate and give the right message on the evils of pre-marital sex.

Reporter: The lonely rogue


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